Belinda Morale Smith BA, BAA (UPLG) | Edmonton

Belinda has over twelve years of experience as a planning professional. She is well versed, and passionate, about enabling communities to articulate a vision for their future and a plan for positive change. Her beliefs in the fundamentals of community building and placemaking, coupled with her practical experiences in planning for a diversity of conditions – from emerging to mature neighbourhoods, from greenfields to large mixed-use infill developments in established communities – has given her the insights to implement creative solutions to complex issues. She has worked as the Senior Planner and project manager on many large scaled planning and land development projects in the Edmonton and Toronto metropolitan regions.

Belinda brings extensive experience collaborating and managing large interdisciplinary teams of professional consultants on large scale projects. She also brings solid experience to all aspects of municipal planning projects – preparing plans and zoning bylaw amendments, conducting public meetings, liaising with and presenting to the public, municipal staff, Council and Committees of Council. Working closely with municipal staff, political leaders, and community groups, Belinda is able to build the consensus necessary to obtain the required support/ approvals for the project at hand. Her experience in managing many large scale projects and teams through all stages of project delivery have enabled her to find solutions that will be amenable to the client, the City and stakeholders and will ultimately garner the approval of City Council.

Belinda will make sure that deliveries are produced on time and within budget and ultimately meet the project objectives. Belinda understands the importance of providing timely and proactive communications, allowing her to report and mitigate project issues and concerns to the team, and find appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Belinda achieves this by working closely and collaboratively with the project team on a day-to-day basis so that the team is engaged and deadlines are being met.