Daniel Prescott

Dan is a mechanical engineer with over 8 years of industry experience is system design and project management.  He has 6 years of experience in the mechanical building systems field, with a specific focus on sustainable buildings and high-performance system design.  Dan completed a Master’s Degree at the University of Victoria with a research focus in automotive powertrain development and powertrain controls optimization, helping him to develop a strong understanding of how mechanical systems work in reality.  He leverages this experience to deliver design services which incorporate energy analysis, allowing for the realization of high system efficiency and system life-cycle energy consumption and cost benefits to clients.

Dan has a passion for energy efficient building design.  Reductions in building energy consumption are one of the foremost accessible means of addressing climate change concerns for the immediate future, with significant challenges for all building design disciplines.  Dan has extensive knowledge of various energy standards and energy analysis guidelines including LEED, ASHRAE, NECB, Toronto Green Standard, and the City of Vancouver Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings.  He believes that working in an integrated multi-disciplinary team is the most effective means of achieving the best performing building design while addressing the needs of owners and stakeholders throughout the design process.