Janay Koldingnes BED, LEED® AP Interior Designer | Vancouver

Janay has 15 years experience specializing in corporate workplace design. Janay has been the lead designer and project manager on a series of major projects ranging from 10,000 sq ft to 215,000 sq ft. Janay brings with her a well-rounded knowledge of the design and construction process and has provided these services to prestigious corporations throughout Vancouver. Through her experience managing this process, Janay is committed to providing her clients with accurate and timely updates and information to ensure the process runs smoothly, from start to finish, for all parties involved.
Janay works with her clients to understand the needs and dynamics of their organization to establish optimal space utilization and design direction. She is passionate about delivering the original vision of her clients. Janay worked in Europe where she collaborated with a Dutch architectural firm creating innovative and architecturally significant spaces. This knowledge and exposure has influenced Janay’s design aesthetic and is evident in many of her past projects.