Juan de Dios Garay | Toronto

Juan became a DIALOGer in 2008, and is now an integral part of the structural engineering team, providing advanced specialization in concrete design. Juan’s design philosophy is to maximize the utilization of design tools to produce innovative and efficient designs while always applying sound engineering judgement to control the use of these tools. Juan has extensive experience delivering effective structural solutions at all stages of a project.

His significant contribution to the design and construction of large, complex concrete buildings makes him an invaluable addition to our design team. He has been responsible for the structural design of iconic Alberta projects, including Edmonton’s Rogers Arena and Mechanized River Valley Access. Juan’s passion for excellence in structural design has helped change the face of the Edmonton community.

​​​​​​​With a reputation for producing innovative concrete designs, identifying cost-saving solutions, and problem-solving, Juan’s positive, supportive energy always shines. He enjoys mentoring junior engineers and always strives to elevate team morale. Juan believes that having structural engineers with an awareness of construction procedures on-site is critical to delivering efficient designs.