Keith Robinson | Edmonton

Keith Robinson brings a wide range of experience gained from providing technical solutions to a variety of major architectural and engineering projects. Keith is responsible for preparing specifications and contract documents, providing technical input for building envelopes and systems, and helping to maintain the high quality of production for documents prepared by DIALOG. Keith also develops training sessions for building envelope and specification related topics as a part of DIALOG’s integrateducation program, and regularly posts blogs and wiki’s to our newly established DASH intranet  communication tool. He uses his broad knowledge of products and technical training to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the project team and the client. Keith is working with building envelope materials manufacturers to bring about a standardized approach to identifying Predicted Service Life for the various components making up the membrane systems used in our projects, and is the contact person at DIALOG for product selection and review required by LEED® MRc8 for Durable Buildings. Keith has been a Registered Specification Writer since 1988.