Lea Lohnes | Calgary

Prior to achieving her designation as a registered architect, Lea was a process engineer in the automotive industry. She has been applying her valuable insights into manufacturing processes, (as well as knowledge from an additional degree in business) to her work with our team since 2016.

Highlights of Lea’s work as a project manager include the Glacier Discovery Center renovation and the Maligne Lakehouse and Log Cabin revitalization. Located within Jasper National Park, the remote nature of these projects presented her with specific challenges. Using her superb communication skills, Lea was able that she was able to overcome these project challenges by successfully liaising between Parks Canada authorities, consultants, and contractors.

Lea aims to create spaces that are rich in identity and capture the essence of its unique location. This driving intention stands out in her work on landmark buildings such as the Banff Mount Royal Hotel, which meaningfully contributes to the local cultural landscape. As a project manager for the $72 million Lethbridge Exhibition Park, Lea oversees the project team, coordinates requirements with the local authorities, all while cultivating client relationships.

Lea has a passion for projects with challenging sites, including the mountainous terrain of Western Canada, which is where you can find her playing and exploring in her free time.