Mark Cichy | Director of Computational Design & Research | Toronto

Mark is a steadfast believer in the power of collaborative design, with a professional and academic focus on parametric design, software development, and the construction and fabrication of complex formal geometries. In practice, he designs computer algorithms that engage users and stakeholders in the design of buildings that not only respond to people and place but also inspire awe.

As Director of Computational Design and Research at DIALOG, Mark helps all five studios across North America design computational algorithms and software that interfaces with most AEC and PLM software platforms. He leads a research and innovation division within the firm that crosses disciplinary boundaries and goes beyond theory or form making for form’s sake – Mark’s team designs custom computer algorithms to solve real-world design challenges.

Mark has over 15 years experience in the AEC industry. Mark leverages Computational Design to create highly functional spaces that also push the boundaries of form and transform the improbable into the possible as representationally iconic structures. He has worked on some of the most noted buildings designed in Canada in recent years as well as significant projects internationally.