Mark Sherwood | Calgary

Mark joined our team in 2008, shortly after emigrating to Canada from the UK in 2006, and is now proud Canadian! Mark has 35 years of experience in the construction industry, both in the United Kingdom and in Canada.

Before joining us in Canada, Mark worked as a specialist envelope consultant/contractor, involved in designing and engineering bespoke envelope solutions. Mark has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of steel and concrete-framed structures, as well as the essentials of mechanical and electrical systems. His experience dovetails perfectly with the requirements of his role as a contract administrator.

When it comes to hands-on experience, Mark’s background includes specification design; production of working, and fabrication details and drawings; project and contract management; as well as site inspection. He thrives on all kinds of problem-solving, be it technical or contractual in nature.

Mark is a “go to guy”, passionate about construction and committed to forming great relationships. Whether it be with his fellow DIALOGers, clients, consultants, or contractors, Mark believes that a collaborative approach is the best strategy for ensuring everyone’s success.