Mona Lovgreen

With a background in Environmental, Architectural and Urban Design, Mona is capable of designing at different scales, from a building to urban developments, and complexities, through all stages from conception to completion. She is passionate about designing spaces that are enjoyable to live, work, and play in, and strives to work closely with clients, consultants and the design team towards realizing a unique vision for every project. Mona is extremely engaged and personable, forming strong and lasting relationships with her clients. She is building an extensive practice within the US and loves the challenges that this expansion of her practice has gifted her. Mona’s most challenging, and thus rewarding project, has been the Denver RiverMile, where DIALOG has connected the City of Denver to the Pratt River. An integrated team of designers came together to explore solutions that have never been implemented before. This holistic design experience is what Mona thrives on.

Mona believes in the importance of being engaged in the architectural community and is involved with various boards and committees on the provincial and national stage, and was recently awarded