Roberta Kowalishin | Vancouver

Roberta leads DIALOG Technology and brings a breadth of strategic technology leadership and innovation to DIALOG’s changing design-build work. From information technology (the IT plumbing of our business), to design technology (our processes and automation of DIALOG’s design-build work) to seamless integration of technology into DIALOG built environment products and communities, Roberta’s broad technology experience allows DIALOG to look sideways from industries that are being disrupted by technology: consumer news media (CIO at NY based Hearst Newspapers), cybersecurity and records management (Director in PwC’s privacy and forensics practices), venture backed satellite network services (VP, Technology at CapRock Communications). Her experience, passion for community wellbeing and for challenging people and companies to re-invent how technology interacts with their environments and work helps DIALOG, as a design firm, simplify and create trusted solutions and new models of practice, design and customer service with collaboration across geographies, disciplines and project teams.

Roberta holds an MBA from MIT, a Bcom Economics from McGill and is a candidate for Harvard’s Graduate Cybersecurity Certificate. She has been cited as a next generation CIO in the Wall Street Journal and been quoted Business Week, Wall Street and Technology and Information Week.