Ryan McClanaghan | Vancouver

Ryan joined our team in 2012 as an architectural and urban designer. He is passionate about creating functional, elegant designs that are specific to each project’s unique culture, local community, and environment. Ryan was raised in Vancouver, and spent 8 years in Toronto completing his education, before returning to Vancouver to join us. He has worked in the USA and Germany on international projects and is experienced in mixed-use, office, residential, and masterplanning projects.

​​​​​​​Ryan is committed to design innovation, research, and collaboration with both clients and colleagues. In 2016, Ryan received a grant to deepen his studies and pursue his interest in mass timber and freeform timber design and construction in Europe. Ryan is currently immersed in our growing portfolio of mass timber projects; most notably as the project designer of 2150 Keith Drive, a 10-storey mass timber office building located in Vancouver, BC. The project’s innovative structural system is undergoing small-scale and full-scale structural testing at Queens University and The University of Alberta and will help inform future tall wood projects. Ryan is a member of The City of Vancouver’s Mass Timber Advisory Committee, and is continually seeking to evolve his work through new creative avenues.