Stephen Hubenig | Edmonton

Stephen started his career in 2007, working as an architectural technologist. He has worked at various architectural firms across Edmonton, gaining experience and growing his passion for the built environment along the way. After several years in the industry, Stephen decided to bring his talents to our team in 2018.

Over the years, Stephen has worked on all types and sizes of building projects, gaining exceptional technical design experience along the way. He enjoys working through complex design problems and coming up with new ways to solve issues. His leadership and collaboration skills have lent him the ability to work well in large multi-disciplinary teams, while still being able to focus on the finer details of a project to ensure the best possible outcome. It is his attention to detail and calm approach that sets Stephen apart from the rest. He is known for creating exceptional production documents and being able to lead his production teams to success.

When Stephen is not in the office sketching out solutions to complex building envelope details or mentoring other DIALOGers, he enjoys going on vacations with his wife. Experiencing different cultures, people, and places gives Stephen boundless amounts of inspiration, that he uses in his everyday life and work.