Tuan Pham | Calgary

Tuan Pham completed an intensive four-year program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. His primary focus was visual communication with a secondary focus on sculpture, studying under internationally recognized sculptor Katie Ohe. Tuan’s extensive multidisciplinary art background includes commissioned work for private collectors and public shows in Toronto, Calgary and Drumheller.

Tuan undertakes integrated design with all DIALOG studios on project visual communications, from large murals to detailed marketing materials. For Nexen Inc and UFA clients, Tuan undertook corporate identification and implementation through graphic art installations and wayfinding. Marketing collateral which Tuan has undertaken includes: DIALOG project sector compendiums, magazine layouts, exhibit design, calendars and proposals, the latter often receiving jury commendations. Integral to many endeavors is the communication of goals and aspirations beyond the immediate project team; working collaboratively, Tuan has developed numerous public consultation presentations to engage and integrate community interest groups and garner project support.