Design Residency in Honour of Tom Sutherland



Tom was passionate about making a difference in our communities and the environment we all share, and established this as a core value of DIALOG’s culture. He was a believer in the importance of investing in our youth. He loved to work in a workshop environment and always led with talent, commitment and ambition in support of finding the very best solution for our community.

What is the Design Residency in Honour of Tom Sutherland?

The Design Residency is an annual event hosted by a different DIALOG studio each year. A cohort of students from a variety of disciplines and cities participate in a three day workshop to identify and address a community issue, opportunity or problem for the benefit of the community.

DIALOG will facilitate and fund the workshop, providing a variety of internal and external speakers and mentors to help inform the work of the group. The Residency will culminate in a presentation and reception including members of the affected community group/organization and the hosting studio.

2019 Design Residency – Who, Where, When, What?

Nine students from eight different Canadian universities joined us at DIALOG’s Toronto studio for the 2019 Design Residency – February 19-22. Learn more about the 2019 Design Residency cohort.

The 2019 Residency topic looked at a ubiquitous feature of the Canadian landscape. Golf courses punctuate the built fabric of cities, suburbs, towns, and countryside. As recreational tastes shift, and the number of regular golfers decline, these facilities have begun to close at a rate greater than they are opening. This year’s residency explored possible new uses for these spaces. Learn more about the 2019 Design Residency.



 2018 Design Residency

I would recommend the residency for anyone interested in working on a real-world problem, interested in learning from other design disciplines, and anyone who might want to see how a multi-disciplinary firm is run and how to work with others. -Brianna Collis, Landscape Architecture student – 2018 Design Residency participant 

Students in the 2018 DIALOG Design Residency cohort explored the potential of a laneway in Edmonton’s downtown core and how the site could be re-imagined as an integral part of our urban environment. Learn more about what happened during their 3 day thought workshop here.

What’s Next?

The 2020 Design Residency will be hosted in Vancouver! The planning has already begun and we’re currently exploring ideas for next year’s Vancouver-specific design challenge. As plans come together, updates will be posted on the Design Residency web page.

More info? Interested in being a part of next year’s residency? Contact DIALOG Design Residency in Honour of Tom Sutherland 2020 coordinator Shane Oleksiuk: ac.ngisedgolaidnull@kuiskelOS

Design Residency Resources


Who is Tom Sutherland?
Read more about Tom and his community impact here.

2019 Design Residency Summary
Learn what happened at the 2019 Design Residency here.

2018 Design Residency Summary
Learn what happened at the 2018 Design Residency here.