Wellness in focus: DIALOG named one of Alberta’s top employers

We all know it, and now all Alberta knows it. DIALOG is a great place to work! For the second year in a row, DIALOG has been named one of the province’s 75 top employers. This year’s competition focused on

Wellness in focus: DIALOG named one of Alberta’s top employers

We all know it, and now all Alberta knows it. DIALOG is a great place to work! For the second year in a row, DIALOG has been named one of the province’s 75 top employers. This year’s competition focused on

Edmonton: Join us on International Women’s Day to discuss cities from her perspective

To celebrate International Women’s Day, DIALOG in Edmonton is bringing together some of the smartest minds that are shaping our city—and they all happen to be women. Let’s have a conversation about the unique perspectives women bring to building inclusive

A Framework for Community Wellbeing in Healthcare

Imagine being able to design happiness or resilience into the blueprint of a hospital. Imagine a hospital that contributes to the health of people, long before they need medical support. Hospitals are intended to be a cornerstone of life and

One week until the DIALOG Design Residency

The DIALOG Design Residency in Honour of Tom Sutherland is an annual event hosted by a different DIALOG studio each year. A cohort of students from a variety of disciplines and cities participate in a three-day workshop to identify and

3 Things Influencing Modern-Day Arts and Culture Institutions

Museums and galleries aren’t built like they used to be. The post-war fortresses that house our arts and culture are reaching the end of their life-cycle. As they’re being replaced or renovated, we’re witnessing a drastically new approach to how

The Future of Design is Community Wellbeing

A century ago, cities were designed to impede infectious outbreaks. Today, our health challenges are vastly different. It’s no longer influenza or tuberculosis we need to worry about; it’s the chronic ailments attributed to lifestyle that will be our demise.

12 Months of Construction on the Calgary Cancer Centre

It’s been over a year since the groundbreaking of the Calgary Cancer Centre. Take a look at how construction has progressed over the past 12 months in this 60 second timelapse. *Timelapse courtesy of Construction Central and Skyrise Cities

Royal Alberta Museum Recognized for Excellence in Green Building

Royal Alberta Museum received the Excellence in Green Building – New Construction award from CaGBC’s Alberta Chapter!  The CaGBC Leadership Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to the CaGBC’s mission and goals in advancing green building

In the mix: DIALOGers share their favourite examples of mixed use from around the world

What makes mixed use developments so interesting? We love this perspective from Tyler Dixon, principal and architect in our Edmonton studio: “I find mixed use really interesting for a number of reasons: 1) the mash up of different uses allows

Inaugural Donald Tong Scholarship Awarded to Jordyn Kent

Last night, we hosted the first presentation of the Donald Tong DIALOG Graduate Scholarship in Structural Engineering in our Toronto studio. Introduced late last year, the scholarship was established in partnership with the University of Toronto to strengthen an already great relationship

Gordon F. Anderson Scholarship Awarded to Karren Hudson

Last week, we hosted our annual celebration of the Gordon F. Anderson Scholarship in our Edmonton studio. It’s always a great evening where the Edmonton structural engineering team and University of Alberta’s engineering faculty celebrate this year’s $5000 scholarship recipient and get

Municipal World Magazine – A Community Wellbeing Framework for Design Professionals

Your great grandparent probably died of an infectious disease (a bug they picked up somewhere). Conversely, you will die of a chronic disease (resulting from your lifestyle). Apologies for the gloomy prognostication, but this is simply a statistical fact. It’s

BUILDEX Vancouver

  A surfeit of DIALOGers are presenting at this year’s BUILDEX Conference in Vancouver, February 13-14. This exciting event – the largest in Western Canada – brings together talent from across industry to interact, learn and discover the newest innovations of

Three things that make DIALOG great for young people

Quick quiz: What do Gen Z’ers look for in a job? What makes a company a great place to work? These are questions we often ponder here at DIALOG. Sure, beer on tap is great (check) and so is paid

Edmonton’s ‘End of the World’ lookout officially opens as Keillor Point

Edmontonians had a new lookout to check out over the holidays. Keillor Point, unofficially known as End of the World, opened on December 21. DIALOG is proud to be the structural engineers, landscape architects, and architects that made this lookout

Building Sustainably Doesn’t Always Mean Starting from Scratch

We design a lot of structures from the ground up, but increasingly we’re called upon to re-imagine how existing buildings can have a second life. Often, we’re tasked with the unique challenge of preserving what we can, while improving function

River Mile gets green light from Denver City Council

The River Mile project won crucial approvals from the Denver City Council Monday evening, representing a major milestone in the process to create “human scale” development for a new urban center. Designed in partnership with Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects, the River

Our 2018 Holiday Video Has Arrived!

It’s National Gingerbread House Day and we’re celebrating with the release of DIALOG’s 2018 Holiday Video! Everyone loves The Office, and so do we. For DIALOG’s 2018 Holiday Video, we’ve created a tribute to The Office: A DIALOG mockumentary on

Arts for All

There are so many different types of art in the world…theatre, street murals, graphic design, sculpture…the list goes on. Whatever the medium, art has an amazing ability to bring us together and challenge our thinking. For all of these reasons and

Congratulations to our newest principals and associates

Every year at this time, we assemble across our studios to recognize and celebrate the individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication to practice, and unwavering commitment to working together to improve the wellbeing of our communities. Leadership at DIALOG

A flagship building for Public Services and Procurement Canada

DIALOG is lead consultant for this federal government flagship project, providing architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, and sustainability consulting to design a carbon neutral building. Built in Toronto in the 1950s, the Arthur Meighen Building

Pull up a seat, it’s Aspire 2018!

It’s that time of year again – the recap of our annual pin-up, aka Aspire!  We introduced you to our Aspire initiative last year. It brings a select group of DIALOGers together from across our firm to share their projects stories and

Q&A with DIALOG Healthcare Designer Magdalena Warshawski

We sat down with Magdalena Warshawski, an architect and associate on our Edmonton studio’s healthcare team, to find out what drives her passion for healthcare design. She has an interesting background that combines health sciences with architecture, so she easily

Foothills Medical Centre – McCaig Tower

The Foothills Medical Centre’s nine-storey McCaig Tower combines the Interventional Trauma OR, ICU and rehabilitation treatment into one building. The Interventional Trauma OR introduces the ability to perform angiographic procedures – a medical imaging technique used to visualize the inside

CapitalCare Norwood Project will begin construction in Summer 2019

The Government of Alberta announced that construction will begin on Edmonton’s CapitalCare Norwood Redevelopment project next summer. DIALOG’s integrated architecture, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture and planning team is proud to design this new continuing care centre for Albertans. The