5 design decisions that create healthier healthcare spaces

When you visit a hospital it’s likely that design isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about. Usually, you’ll be focused on health and wellbeing – either your own, or that of a loved one. What you may not realize is

5 design decisions that create healthier healthcare spaces

When you visit a hospital it’s likely that design isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about. Usually, you’ll be focused on health and wellbeing – either your own, or that of a loved one. What you may not realize is

What is transit-oriented development anyway?

If you’re not a planner, architect, or developer, the term ‘transit-oriented development’ (or ‘TOD’) is probably one you’ve heard, but not one you’ve given much thought. As citizens, we often look at transit as a way to get from A

Why BIM is Downright Cool

Last night, CanBIM held their annual awards ceremony, presenting DIALOG with the Design and Engineering Award for our work on the Calgary Cancer Centre! The CCC is a project that embodies everything DIALOG stands for, making it an even sweeter


Over the past year, DIALOG principal, Craig Applegath has been planning, organizing and interviewing in preparation to launch his Twenty-First Century Imperative podcast. We’re immensely proud of Craig, and his tireless efforts to make this world a better place. This podcast

Reinventing Alberta’s Inner Cities

There are moments in a city’s development that provide the opportunity for a rethink. What kind of place do we want to build for future generations? Here in Alberta, that time is now. Stunned by high levels of office vacancy

Transforming malls into urban villages

In today’s world of Amazon and same day delivery, many would argue that retail is a thing of the past. But contrary to popular belief, retail is still stronger than ever – it’s the environment and experience that are evolving.

Trading Up with Trade Definitions

Nobody likes confusion. It slows down construction, it’s frustrating for everyone involved, and it’s confusing. Wait, did I already mention it’s confusing? It’s these reasons that the Alberta Construction Association partnered with the industry to create the 2016 Trade Definitions.

Chart a new course for Toronto: vote to remove the Gardiner

In the life of every city, some decisions have great power to shift the trajectory and future success of its urban environments, economies and the quality of life of residents. The City of Toronto is facing one such choice right

Transit = Health + Happiness, DIALOG says ‘Yes’

As designers committed to community health + happiness, we know the critical importance of public transit. It’s an essential part of bringing urban landscapes to life and to enabling economic and social growth. We’ve spent decades shaping many of Metro

APEGA 2015 Election

On March 2, APEGA kicked off their 2015 Election. Alberta engineering and geoscience professionals have been entrusted with self-regulation and the privilege to vote. If you are an Honorary Life Member, a Life Member, a Professional Member (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.Geol.,

From lemonade stands to YouTube, a new era of public engagement

Check out this article excerpt from the Ontario Planning Journal on public engagement written by the combined urbaniste forces of Joost Bakker, Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Bruce Haden. All three are speakers at the upcoming OPPI Symposium October 1 & 2 in Niagara Falls 

Not for Grandma: Heritage Conservation and Contemporary Design

According to Antonio Gomez-Palacio, it is not for the sake of our grandparents that we commemorate history, it is for our own devious benefit. It is because it can improve our quality of life, and give our children a sense

Consumers, health, and the security of CCTV

The new age of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is on. Current advances in both equipment and software promise substantial enhancements in value, enabled specifically by efficient Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems and High Definition (HD)TV. CCTV systems are becoming more cost

Time for you to see ‘the view from here’

DIALOG is a combination of voices. Here, the ideas and interests of our people extend miles beyond just job function. From riding for the cure to curating art shows to blogging, our people stand out outside of work, too. Interior

Planning for failure: Resilience design

Devastating flooding in Calgary and Toronto, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the rising number of terror attacks across the globe, all catastrophes that share one thing in common: failure. In the face of these severe winds of global change, communities and

Five useful apps for engineers

Life in AEC is dramatically different since the advent of the smart phone. The handy dandy little software packages that these devices deliver aren’t just for people looking to play Temple Run or Fruit Ninja. In fact, many apps are

Independent Lens: ‘As I Am’, a film about Memphis

‘As I Am’ is filmmaker Alan Spearman’s follow up to ‘April’, which was recognized for excellence at Memfeast 3. The ‘Feast’ is just one of many cultural happenings hosted by our good friends and Sears Crosstown collaborators at Crosstown Arts in

Designing for a SUB culture: Joost Bakker on the new age of engagement

In a recent issue of Design Quarterly, architect Joost Bakker talks social media, student engagement, the ‘Design Cube’ and the innovative process that is bringing the University of British Columbia’s Student Union Building (UBC SUB) to life. Here is an except:

Your car costs more than your house

Our cars are responsible for obesity, globally warming, and in the long run cost more than most of our houses. So why are we still driving? Antonio Gomez-Palacio argues that through good urban planning and by focusing on the resulting

The 7th annual DIALOG charity golf tournament

With the temperature at a frigid 3 degrees C, snow flurries in the air, and gale force winds howling, 142 hardy golfers (a sold-out crowd) teed off at beautiful Copper Creek Golf Club in Kleinburg for DIALOG’s 7th Annual Charity

From the Atlantic: Kaleidoscopic Architecture (with video)

We really love the Atlantic and spin off the Atlantic: Cities. From the importance of street vendors to urban design to the critique of indie alt rock, this is one publication that should keep readers of all generations and interests coming

Thinkin’ of the master plan: Lambie leads students at Waterloo

In the early summer of 2012, between working on DIALOG’s award-winning Seneca College Campus Master Plan, and the Hurontario LRT Streetscape and Urban Design, I was quite happily distracting myself with drinks on patios, dipping my toes into pools, and