A New Way to Think About Transit

Written by DIALOG Communications Specialist John O’Brien and originally published on August 26, 2019 in Urban Mobility Forum. AT FIRST GLANCE, Edmonton’s new Valley Line LRT will look much like any of the dozens of light rail transit lines that snake

A New Way to Think About Transit

Written by DIALOG Communications Specialist John O’Brien and originally published on August 26, 2019 in Urban Mobility Forum. AT FIRST GLANCE, Edmonton’s new Valley Line LRT will look much like any of the dozens of light rail transit lines that snake

The Retail Renaissance: Connection, Wellbeing, and Convenience

By Susan Carter, DIALOG Principal in Calgary, Alberta Have you ever considered the link between the retail in your life and your quality of life? In today’s society, the human needs of Connection, Wellbeing, and Convenience will be the driving

Two big reasons to think differently about Sidewalk Toronto

Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs (known as ‘Sidewalk Toronto’ in Toronto) has released their draft Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP), Toronto Tomorrow: A New Approach for Inclusive Growth. This plan is a product of 18 months of input from more than

Just figured out cloud, mobile, and data? Well ‘Built Tech’ is your next challenge

Written by DIALOG’s Director of Technology, Roberta Kowalishin, and originally published on April 2, 2019 in IT World Canada. Just when IT pros thought we had cloud, mobile, data and social figured out, we can now add built tech as the

WONDER WORLD: Experiencing the underworld

    When most of us think of underground public transit stations, we think of utilitarian, mundane and sterile places regarding both user experience and design. They are something to be endured, not enjoyed.  When Mahsa Shobbar and Sabrina Hoeck

A Framework for Community Wellbeing in Healthcare

Imagine being able to design happiness or resilience into the blueprint of a hospital. Imagine a hospital that contributes to the health of people, long before they need medical support. Hospitals are intended to be a cornerstone of life and

Re-purposing with a purpose: Treeter Totter and the urban landscape

Not all projects are permanent, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be given a new life. Such is the case with DIALOG’s Treeter Totter. Built last year for Calgary’s  Beakerhead 2018 festival, the playful exhibit was  the result of a

3 Things Influencing Modern-Day Arts and Culture Institutions

Museums and galleries aren’t built like they used to be. The post-war fortresses that house our arts and culture are reaching the end of their life-cycle. As they’re being replaced or renovated, we’re witnessing a drastically new approach to how

5 design decisions that create healthier healthcare spaces

When you visit a hospital it’s likely that design isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about. Usually, you’ll be focused on health and wellbeing – either your own, or that of a loved one. What you may not realize is

What is transit-oriented development anyway?

If you’re not a planner, architect, or developer, the term ‘transit-oriented development’ (or ‘TOD’) is probably one you’ve heard, but not one you’ve given much thought. As citizens, we often look at transit as a way to get from A

Why BIM is Downright Cool

Last night, CanBIM held their annual awards ceremony, presenting DIALOG with the Design and Engineering Award for our work on the Calgary Cancer Centre! The CCC is a project that embodies everything DIALOG stands for, making it an even sweeter


Over the past year, DIALOG principal, Craig Applegath has been planning, organizing and interviewing in preparation to launch his Twenty-First Century Imperative podcast. We’re immensely proud of Craig, and his tireless efforts to make this world a better place. This podcast

Reinventing Alberta’s Inner Cities

There are moments in a city’s development that provide the opportunity for a rethink. What kind of place do we want to build for future generations? Here in Alberta, that time is now. Stunned by high levels of office vacancy

Transforming malls into urban villages

In today’s world of Amazon and same day delivery, many would argue that retail is a thing of the past. But contrary to popular belief, retail is still stronger than ever – it’s the environment and experience that are evolving.

Trading Up with Trade Definitions

Nobody likes confusion. It slows down construction, it’s frustrating for everyone involved, and it’s confusing. Wait, did I already mention it’s confusing? It’s these reasons that the Alberta Construction Association partnered with the industry to create the 2016 Trade Definitions.

Chart a new course for Toronto: vote to remove the Gardiner

In the life of every city, some decisions have great power to shift the trajectory and future success of its urban environments, economies and the quality of life of residents. The City of Toronto is facing one such choice right

Transit = Health + Happiness, DIALOG says ‘Yes’

As designers committed to community health + happiness, we know the critical importance of public transit. It’s an essential part of bringing urban landscapes to life and to enabling economic and social growth. We’ve spent decades shaping many of Metro

APEGA 2015 Election

On March 2, APEGA kicked off their 2015 Election. Alberta engineering and geoscience professionals have been entrusted with self-regulation and the privilege to vote. If you are an Honorary Life Member, a Life Member, a Professional Member (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.Geol.,

From lemonade stands to YouTube, a new era of public engagement

Check out this article excerpt from the Ontario Planning Journal on public engagement written by the combined urbaniste forces of Joost Bakker, Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Bruce Haden. All three are speakers at the upcoming OPPI Symposium October 1 & 2 in Niagara Falls 

Not for Grandma: Heritage Conservation and Contemporary Design

According to Antonio Gomez-Palacio, it is not for the sake of our grandparents that we commemorate history, it is for our own devious benefit. It is because it can improve our quality of life, and give our children a sense

Consumers, health, and the security of CCTV

The new age of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is on. Current advances in both equipment and software promise substantial enhancements in value, enabled specifically by efficient Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems and High Definition (HD)TV. CCTV systems are becoming more cost

Time for you to see ‘the view from here’

DIALOG is a combination of voices. Here, the ideas and interests of our people extend miles beyond just job function. From riding for the cure to curating art shows to blogging, our people stand out outside of work, too. Interior

Planning for failure: Resilience design

Devastating flooding in Calgary and Toronto, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the rising number of terror attacks across the globe, all catastrophes that share one thing in common: failure. In the face of these severe winds of global change, communities and