DIALOG Presentations at BiLT Conference

Two DIALOGers from our Design Technology team just came back from presenting at the BiLT Conference. This is a technology conference that used to be more focused on Revit, but has expanded into much more in recent years. As BiLT says, “BILT

DIALOG Presentations at BiLT Conference

Two DIALOGers from our Design Technology team just came back from presenting at the BiLT Conference. This is a technology conference that used to be more focused on Revit, but has expanded into much more in recent years. As BiLT says, “BILT

What we learned at SCUP Annual Conference

A few weeks ago, DIALOG attended one of the largest meetings of the minds dedicated to post-secondary planning—the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) Annual Conference. DIALOGers representing all of our Canadian studios flocked to Washington, D.C. to learn

The Avant Garde of New Design & Technology Synergies

As technology forges ahead, and AEC projects become more interesting (and complicated!), it’s increasingly important to understand how we can harness that technology to advance integrated design. DIALOG is leading the conversation about new tech, exploring how computational strategies assist in

Making Tracks to Rail-Volution 2016

Rail-Volution – Building Livable Communities with Transit October 9th – 12th, 2016 San Francisco, CA RAILVOLUTION.ORG   DIALOG’s Transit Planning and Design team will be making tracks to Rail~Volution 2016 this October 9th -12th. A few of us are presenting

Craig Applegath and Antonio Gomez Palacio Present: Urban Resilience ­Community, Density and Ecosystems

“In both reducing our harm and repairing the damage we have caused, we need to be looking for ways to do so that recognize and leverage the important environmental and economic relationships between the urban and rural contexts.” Craig Applegath,

Driverless Cars: Peering into the crystal ball

The Ryerson City Building Institute’s ‘Driverless Cars & City Building’ Meet-Up discussed on-demand ride sharing, driverless cars and the impact both will have on the Toronto region. Antonio Gomez-Palacio took part in the panel discussion which addressed the questions; will

Rail-Volution: Integrating Health, Livable Communities and Transit, A How-To Discussion

Join Antonio Gomez-Palacio as he talks about how to design healthy communities using transit at 2015 Rail-Volution in Dallas, Texas. Overview: Where do wellness issues fit in the transit conversation? What is the link between how we build our cities and transportation

Urban Magnets: The five essentials of successful places

One of the philosophies that binds the many professionals working on projects within the walls of DIALOG is that of Urban Magnets.  Driven by five key factors for a successful urban mix that include 1) Retail 2) Production 3) Educational 4) Programming and

Energy Modeling and Commissioning Processes for High Performance Buildings

During Construct Canada’s Buildings Show in Toronto, Ontario Dec 3-5 check out our good man Rod Yeoh. He’ll provide an overview of the energy modeling and commissioning processes for high performance buildings, and how they need to be used together

Symbiotic Cities with Craig Applegath at the 4th Annual Future of Cities Forum in Munich, Germany

The 4th Future of Cities Forum will be held on October 30-31, 2014 in Munich, Germany and features DIALOG architect and sustainability leader Craig Applegath. This year, the Forum brings together mayors, urban planners, researchers, practitioners and civil society actors to

Alberta Association of Architects – 2014 Professional Development Day

On October 20, 2014 at the Westin Hotel in Calgary, Alberta, Antonio Gomez-Palacio will be presenting the following: Urban Vibrancy Cities, campuses, neighbourhoods, developments, continue to strive for an elusive vision of ‘animation’ and ‘vibrancy’ as both an indicator and

DIALOG talks bigger picture planning and P3s at RailVolution

DIALOG principals Martin Nielsen and Antonio Gomez-Palacio are making the trip to Minnesota to share their transit design experiences Sept 21-24. Between the two they’ve touched some of the largest (and smallest) transportation projects in Canada, from Toronto’s Union Station

World Congress on Design + Health

Join DIALOG Antonio Gomez-Palacio at the Healthy Cities 2030 Pre-Congress Symposium July 9th, 2014. This is part of the 10th World Congress on Design + Health taking place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto from July 9–13, 2014. Antonio will

Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) national conference kicks off in hogtown

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) brings its National Conference and Expo, titled Building Lasting Change, to Toronto from June 2 to 4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Fairmont Royal York hotel. Several of DIALOG’s most sustainably minded designers, including Martin

What’s SCUP? Post secondary officials admire Calgary’s EEEL

Friday, May 23 marked the Society for College and University Planning’s (SCUP) 2014 Pacific Symposium. The symposium was held in Calgary where the University of Calgary’s Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) acts as a living breathing benchmark for sustainable design.

The Public Realm in Resilient Communities: Alec Hay at CSLA 2014 Congress

Our good man Alec Hay is getting set to blow away another audience with his visionary approach to resilience design. Check out the abstract for his upcoming presentation with fellow DIALOGer Gail Shillingford at the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 2014

Landscape architects lead discussion on climate conscious design and planning at CSLA Congress

(OTTAWA) – May 12th, 2014 – From May 29th to 31st, 2014, 200 landscape architects will meet in at the Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s Congress to focus on the impact of climate change on our landscapes. The theme of

Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium 2014: the University of Calgary West Campus experience

On May 6th, 2014 at the Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium 2014, in Calgary, Alberta DIALOGers Antonio Gomez-Palacio and John Lyons will be presenting “Planning for Sustainability at University of Calgary’s West Campus”. Please find a full description of the session below.

ULI Spring Meeting 2014: A Model for Building Healthy Places, April 10

DIALOG’s Antonio Gomez-Palacio will be participating in the panel for a session entitled “A Model for Building Healthy Places” and will be showcasing his “Urban Wellness” presentation.  Vancouver is known for being an active and healthy city, but how has

Planning Resilient Communities, April 3, 2014

DIALOG urban planning and design principal Antonio Gomez-Palacio is speaking at Sandford Fleming Forum at the University of Toronto, University Faculty Club on April 3.  The forum, moderated by Alex Hay, follows a multiple (3) forum theme of urban ecology, which

BOMA seminar: Disaster Management, Resilience Planning

This BOMA seminar features experts in Community and Operational Resilience, Risk Management and Structural Engineering. DIALOG’s Urban Design & Planning principal, Antonio Gomez Palacio, and Resilience and Security Planning Leader, Alec Hay are amongst the panellists; while Rod Yeoh, DIALOG’s

BIG favourite: Architect Bjarke Ingels interviewed on ArchDaily

We have to agree with ArchDaily on this one: Bjarke Ingels is one of the most interesting, dynamic architects currently practicing. We are lucky enough to experience that creative energy firsthand as part of our collaboration with BIG on several

BOMA Seminar (Disaster Management: Resilience Planning)

This BOMA seminar features experts in Community and Operational Resilience, Risk Management and Structural Engineering. DIALOG’s Urban Design & Planning principal, Antonio Gomez-Palacio, and Resilience and Security Planning Leader, Alexander Hay are amongst the panellists. Rod Yeoh, DIALOG Mechanical Engineering Principal, will

Transit Urbanism, Gomez-Palacio, and the 30th annual CAPS-ACEAU Conference

Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, and York University host the 30th Annual Canadian Association of Planning Students’ (CAPS-ACEAU) Conference February 6-8. With the theme of “Transformations”, the tri-campus initiative brings together students and professionals to discuss changes to shared

Urban Land Institute Spring meeting invitation from Alan Boniface

The ULI Spring Meeting April 9 to 11, 2014 in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia brings together top decision makers and industry experts from every sector of real estate. This is the first time the meeting will be held

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Connecting our DIALOGers from all studios at this year's #AspireDIALOG in #yyc. The link in bio explains how we stoke the collective's fire. #DIALOG #Design #designlove

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We've arrived! DIALOG is thrilled to be named in @AzureMagazine as one of the Top 30 design firms making their mark! They think we create amazing workplaces, and we couldn’t agree more. In the spirit of arrival, take a look at how #DIALOG design makes an entrance. #entranceway #workplacedesign #designmagazine #architecture #design #interiordesign #officedesign #designinspo

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A facade lighting test was conducted last night for 14 of the 60 floors for the Telus Sky project in progress. The lighting is the Public Art contribution, @douglascoupland is the artist. Each L shape facade has 160 #led lights with an unlimited number of colours available. #dialog #architecture

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Design is in the details. The Oilers Entertainment Group's office space is inspired by the arena next door with bank tiered seating, staff lockers, and a centre ice zone. We added elegant elements like this Vibia light fixture to ensure the final design didn't feel gimmicky. The result? A refined space, worthy of the #Oilers legacy. #Oilers #InteriorDesign #ICEDistrict #yegdt #dialog

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Laneway interplay from Concept A. Community connection from Concept B. A splash of water from Concept C. And going out on a limb with elevation from Concept D. Downtown #YVR is getting a new 'playground' at Smith & Richards. Construction begins Spring 2018. Learn about the design process through link in bio. #WeShapeCities #landscapedesign #byebyeparkinglot


Love it when promoting #walkability inspires a sense of pride (and advocacy). #iamCanadian #DIALOG https://t.co/bV0YT8Qsi6

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Grand Opening at the SOFTWARE, INFORMATICS, AND RESEARCH CENTRE @UOIT ! #DIALOG and @EllisDon project teams celebra… https://t.co/bWElvfp4hJ

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We are nourished by both food and social interactions. #PublicMarkets fulfill both. #CommunityWellbeing #DIALOGhttps://t.co/1t5IAf78sc

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Indoors and outdoors can be friends, when doors and windows join the party. #DIALOG #placesforpeoplehttps://t.co/zzpRmzYmZ9

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Can you fall in love with a city? Something is terribly wrong with your city if you can’t. #DIALOG https://t.co/wthHYW4P17

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Nice! Building for all ages makes ALL better. #CommunityWellbeing #AgingInPlace #CitiesForPeople #dialog https://t.co/lw1eyujnfD

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Shout out to all the other awesome presenters in the Design for Purpose session! I learned a lot! #BuildingSim2017 #DIALOG

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#SCUP52 @Plan4HigherEd Design places for student to just "Be" yet not isolated" Places designed to build community culture @DIALOG #DIALOG

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#SCUP52@Dialog Liberal arts education key, change is accelerating, just in time education future. Higher Ed needs to lead... #DIALOG

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Thousands of people enjoying the wondrous absurdity of a gigantic #rubberducky, can't be a bad thing. #DIALOGhttps://t.co/VN0kcw6SRL

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