DIALOG is taking out the trash!

DIALOG is taking out the trash!

Thanks to all the DIALOGers who came to join our #EarthDay2018 efforts in Toronto! Along with our project partners for the Arthur Meighen Building Rehabilitation (aka AMBR), PSPC, BGIS, and Urbacon, we were able to drag 20 plus bags of garbage out of David A. Balfour Park and the neighbouring streets and ravine. There were some weird finds and some treasure too!


This event, organized by Toronto’s Green Team, is a great example of team building – both internally with our DIALOGers, and externally, with our project partners. Many commented on how the activity will help solidify the project team as they begin this four year endeavour.

If you haven’t already, check out the project page for AMBR. This project is very exciting. Not only is it a flagship for the Government of Canada’s sustainable building strategy, it’s one of CaGBC’s pilot projects for their Zero Carbon Building initiative.

Earth Day, celebrated the world over, strives to create awareness around protecting our valuable natural resources. This year’s theme was #endplasticpollution

Why are plastics so bad?

  • poisoning and injuring marine life
  • disrupting human hormones,
  • littering beaches and landscapes
  • clogging our waste streams and landfills
  • Plastic pollution is now recognized as a hazard to public health and the human body.
    • chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities,
    • impaired brain and neurological functions,
    • cancer,
    • cardiovascular system damage,
    • adult-onset diabetes,
    • early puberty,
    • obesity
    • resistance to chemotherapy.
  • Plastics do not degrade,
    • When plastic products end up in the landfill, they will not decompose,
    • potentially leach chemicals into the soil or groundwater.
    • billions of tons of plastics are littered on the ground, and in rivers, lakes, and oceans.
    • Single use plastics, such as bottles, caps, straws, grocery bags, utensils, and cigarette butts are causing a substantial share of the plastic pollution problem.
    • Single-use-plastics are particularly troublesome because they are often small, light enough to float in the wind and water, and are produced in massive amounts.
  • Plastics are also linked to climate change primarily because they are made from petroleum. If we are to move away from an economy based on fossil fuels, we need to reduce plastic production.

Congratulations to our Earth Day team for removing so much plastic and litter from our environment!

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