DIALOGers share their favourite transit systems from around the world

DIALOGers share their favourite transit systems from around the world

As we embark on a journey to Pittsburgh for this year’s Rail~Volution conference, we’ve got transit systems on the mind. Well, the team of DIALOG transit designers that are attending always have transit on the mind, but right now we’re thinking of transit systems from around the world that stand out. Some are favoured because of efficiency and community connection. Others made for charming vacation memories or unique experiences. Whatever the reason, the list below goes to show that transit systems should be designed to appeal to a variety of lifestyles and demographics.


Georg Josi

Principal and Structural Engineer

Favourite Transit System: BERNMOBIL in Bern, Switzerland
As I teenager I extensively used the system to get all around Bern and specifically to and from the college I attended for four and a half years.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
To meet, converse and debate with transit enthusiasts, to learn the latest developments in TOD, mobility, equity and community needs with respect to transit, and to celebrate the incredible positive contributions transit makes to meaningfully improving the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.

Railvolution DIALOG Georg Josi

Martin Nielsen

Principal, Architect, Mechanical Engineer

Favourite Transit System: Copenhagen Metro in Copenhagen, Denmark
I have lots of favorites, but Copenhagen Metro is modern, efficient and a joy to ride. From the moment you arrive at Kastrup Airport (an excellent piece of architecture and best airport retail experience) and hop on the Metro you will experience a first-class transit system connected to multi-modal mobility choices (bus, bikes, boat, ferry and train). The Metro is conveniently connected to the centre of Copenhagen and the new architecture of Orestad and Nordhavn.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
I’m most excited for the PK Slam on Tuesday night at Railvolution – definitely the high point every year, with a great atmosphere and always a surprise or two.

Sandra Renihan

Structural Engineer

Favourite Transit System: Tramway de Nice (Nice Tramway) in Nice, France
I love the Tramway de Nice because it’s fully integrated with its surroundings! Whether it is running down the middle of a busy public square or a roadway, there are absolutely no barriers separating the tramway from its surroundings. The tramway integrates procured artwork, and the voice announcements inside the train are all made by noteworthy French artists and actors, with the sounds and voices varying depending on the hours and season. There are also areas of “green track”, where the tram runs alongside the sidewalk on tracks embedded in grass, next to a beautiful row of palm trees.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
I’m most looking forward to seeing what features and innovations other transit designers are implementing in their city’s transit networks, particularly the ones that improve the integration of the systems with the neighborhoods they pass through. We can all learn a lot from each other’s great ideas.

Railvolution DIALOG Sandra Renihan

Justin Tompson


Favourite Transit System: BVG network (U-Bahn, bus, LRT) in Berlin, Germany
Although not the most modern, the Berlin transit system has impressed me on my visits there. The numerous modes of transportation (commuter rail, light rail, bus, double-decker bus) that can get you around the corner or to another country, is impressive. Even with many of the cars and stations not being updated in the past 50 years, it is still a very expansive and varied system.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
I’m excited to see and hear about the similarities that other cities are working with and to in the transit worlds.

Alex Kolsteren

Urban Planner

Favourite Transit System: BVG network (U-Bahn, bus, LRT) in Berlin, Germany
Frequent schedules, beautiful stations, excellent integration/connections, and it felt like you were always only 30-40 mins from anywhere in the city.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
Seeing and hearing about how other cities are approaching and building urban transportation.


Larissa Ulcar

Structural Engineer-in-Training

Favourite Transit System: Although it may not fit the definition of a true ‘transit system,’ my favourite has to be the High Level Bridge Streetcar in Edmonton, Canada.
Once you step onto one of the nine operational heritage electric streetcars you will be immediately immersed into a historical scene from the 1980s. Operated by the Edmonton Radial Railway Society the seasonal service of the High Level Bridge Streetcar, to a certain degree, remains to be a well-kept secret gem in the City of Edmonton. Albeit a short ride, nothing compares to the three hundred and sixty degree views you will enjoy when the streetcar pauses momentarily atop the High Level Bridge some forty-eight metres high above the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

What are you most looking forward to at Rail~Volution?
I am most excited to meet other like-minded transit design professionals that offer global and innovative transit experience that I can impart into current, and future, DIALOG transit projects.

Bonus: Larissa will be taking over our Instagram account, sharing stories of her experience at the conference! Follow along: @dialogdesign

Look for these DIALOG transit designers (and a few more of us) at Rail~Volution. If you spot us, tell us what your favourite transit system is around the world. We’d love to hear!

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