This is Edson’s Hospital

This is Edson’s Hospital

Think of a nearby hospital and ask yourself if you could identify the main entrance. Would you know where to go once you pass through the doors? Do you know where to find the elevators? How about which floors connect to adjacent buildings? If not, do you know where to go to ask a question? When you walk down a corridor, do you know if you’re permitted to be there? And when you find your destination, do you have any sense of time aside from a clock on the wall?

Many healthcare facilities are mazes of hallways, laced with “Authorized Personnel Only” signs and nonsensical connections. The truth is, if you arrive at a hospital without anxiety, it often won’t take more than walking through the front doors to change your feelings.

But healthcare design is changing.

Research has proven that patient healing is directly correlated with mental well-being, and a patient’s experience begins the moment they arrive on site.

This is what makes Edson Healthcare Centre great.

The hospital is designed to alleviate unnecessary stresses and allow patients, visitors, and staff to focus on what matters most: maintaining and restoring health.

“Usually you’re going to the hospital because someone’s sick,” explains project architect Stephen Boyd. “Nothing’s worse than you’re already stressed out, you go there, and there’s a maze of hallways. No connection to the exterior, and you don’t know if it’s day or night.”

Edson Healthcare Centre, on the other hand, has a main street corridor steps away from the front entrance.

“When you enter the building through the front doors, you land on the main street which branches off to continuing care, in-patient units, and emergency services,” continues Boyd. “Patients and visitors can easily identify and access where they need to be.

A two-storey glass wall along the main street, floor-to-ceiling glazing at the end of each hallway, and generous picture windows in each patient room, provide plentiful daylight and magnificent views of the outdoors.

Special attention to interior finishes that emulate the character of Edson – a town surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and lush forests – create a sense of place that soften an otherwise sterile and cold environment.

Details such as these, go a long way in transforming an institutional building into a warm and welcoming environment that feels like a home.

Asked how the new Centre will change healthcare experiences in Edson, Boyd reflected and replied, “This is the kind of place you’ll go to visit grandpa and grandma and stay for dinner after. This is Edson’s hospital.”

Edson Healthcare Centre officially opened to the public on November 8. The $198 million centre was designed by DIALOG’s interdisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, and structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Watch the video above to learn more about Edson Healthcare Centre’s story.

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