Michele Sigurdson Interior Designer, BID | Vancouver

Conceptual, analytical and youthfully exuberant, Michele’s mind is a rare find. Uninterested in having a ‘signature’, she approaches every project with new eyes. This fulfills her innate need to ideate design solutions that embody each client’s specific aspirations, brand vision, and needs. Her results? Fresh and über unique spaces that improve the well-being of those who inhabit them. Because that’s what Michele’s work is about – improving community well-being through design.

Unafraid of asking ‘why’, Michele doesn’t easily accept the way things have always been done. Curious, her work moves the dial on place-making in a way that makes complex simple – and it’s through this – in creating the answers through ingenious and delightful interpretations – where she gets her kicks.

Michele leads DIALOG’s National Interior Design discipline (that’s quite a role), and the Vancouver Interior Design team. Her lengthy experience, coupled with the fact that she’s just so likable, gives her the uncanny capacity to foster relationships between team members, consultants, and clients. She manages to do this in a way that bears excitement and commits dedication from the entire project team. She’s that easy and inspiring to work with/for.

Michele is warm, charming, pragmatic, and let’s be honest, sentimental. She designs from a place of care and interest, and that’s what makes her different.

That’s what makes her our Interior’s leader.