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Urban Regeneration

Located on a unique site on the Main Street corridor, this mixed-use residential development with lane housing, is helping to create a catalyst for increased pedestrian interaction and usage.

Vancouver, BC

Hip ‘hood

In recent years the South Main Street area in Vancouver has seen a resurgence of popularity. There is a sense of a “new Main Street” identity being forged. This identity is based on the creative energy that defines the area. It is spontaneous, hip, youthful and distinct. The project strives to provide an architecture that engenders these sensibilities. This 5-storey mixed-use building is considered to be contemporary in this artistic, creative community.

Say cheese!

The building’s strong horizontality and the playful use of colour, pattern and form was inspired by the history of the site, which was a milk and cheese dairy in the 1950s.

Community catalyst

The building is located on a unique and prominent site on the Main Street corridor and reflects the desire to enhance the community by redeveloping the site as a mixed-use residential and commercial building, while at the same time creating a catalyst for increased pedestrian interaction and usage. The building with its lane housing and its adjacent public open space is of significant architectural interest deserving of its prominent location.

Sustainable features

Built to LEED Silver equivalent including: Recycled glass roof ballast; Solar vacuum tube array for domestic hot water; Urban agriculture and children’s play area on the second floor; Top floor daylighting of the corridor and suite entry foyers; Wood frame (1st storey at grade is concrete, 4 storeys above are wood frame)

Project facts

Services: Architecture
Cost: $50 Million
Size: 115,000 sq. ft. / 10,684 sq. m.
Completed: 2011
Collaborators: PFS Studio (building spaces), Hapa Collaborative (park)
Builder: Bastion Development Corp.
Client: Bastion Development Corp.

Achievements & Awards

Masonry Institute of BC, People's Choice Award