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The Diviners

In a dry Prairie setting, scientists research the secrets of fresh water.

Lethbridge, Alberta

Resource Pool

The facility houses laboratories for studies in aquatic ecology, physiology and toxicology. It is intended in part to accommodate an interdisciplinary group of faculty members from multiple institutions, together with a complement of research associates, including graduate and undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

It's Alive

A Living Wall in the main atrium space of the Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building cleans the air using a planted Bio-filter. Air is pulled in through the wall face where it travels through filtration media into a series of perforated ducts. This filtered air is then collected and circulated back into the atrium via a fan and exhaust system. The planted wall acts as a natural, self-cleaning filter, eliminating the need for disposable air filters while improving indoor air quality.

Saving From a Rainy Day

The project exhibits a commitment to water conservation through innovations including rainwater collection, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high efficiency irrigation and storm water management. The AWES building’s roof water is collected and stored in a basement cistern capable of holding 53,000 L. Additionally, rain and melting snow run from impermeable and paved surfaces into a large pond where impurities have time to settle protecting the riverbanks from rapid erosion.

Everything Old is New Again

Steel, a material with a high recycled content, is the primary building material. The structure and the exterior cladding make up the largest steel elements and contribute to the 16% overall recycled content of building materials. By specifying the use of materials with high recycled content, we create increased demand for these products which in turn increases their availability.

Project facts

Size: 5,200 sq. m./ 55,975 sq. ft.
Cost : $22 Million
Completed: 2008
LEED Certified: Silver
Collaborators: Stantec
Builder: Graham Construction
Client: The University of Lethbridge