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The Welcome Wall

A standout addition announces entrance into one of North America’s most respected technical institutes.

Burnaby, British Columbia

Going to the wall

A double-skin glass wall at the entrance to campus greets visitors and students alike offering signage, shade, lighting and shelter from the storm. The project includes 6,860 sq. m. of new construction, 1,035 sq. m. of student service department renovations, and 1,892 sq. m. of lab and classroom renovations, resulting in 33 new multi-use, exam and project rooms and additional study areas in the atrium.

On the porch

A major three storey glass and wood “front porch” welcomes people to the main entry point of the building.

In the house

Wood paneling extends from the “porch” into the atrium and connects the admissions counters, the second floor cafe and informal learning spaces, as well as the acoustic paneling systems on walls and ceilings.

A healthy environment

The atrium design along with technologies for capturing daylight and recovering heat will result in a 50% reduction in energy use relative to building size.

Meeting our hosts

Flowing towards the south entry the wall will merge with distinctive First Nations wood detailing being developed in conjunction with the new Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

Project facts

Size: 9,787 sq. m./ 105,350 sq. ft.
Cost: $39.4 Million
Completed: 2011
LEED Registered: Gold
Collaborators: Cornerstone
Builders: Stuart Olson Dominion
Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology