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The Art of Getting There

Calgary’s YYC moves 15 million air passengers a year. Most of them hardly even notice.

Calgary, Alberta

Passengers to Patrons

The integration of retail shops and restaurants generates both a positive user experience and increased revenue.

Call to Gate

The call-to-gate system both augments the customer experience and increases opportunities for revenue generation. It revolves around the nodal hold room, which collects passengers into one grand space, instead of in an isolated waiting area. This system has people up drinking, eating, and shopping–––and generally enjoying a far more pleasurable experience. Customers receive regular information updates and gate numbers are posted just prior to boarding––enough time to finish a drink and make one last purchase.

Plain Smart

Co-generation provides 6,500 MWh/year of Power (27% of IFP Requirement), and 83% of winter heating load, and 36% of peak heating load.

Well Powered

600 wells provide geothermal energy for the facility.

Think Local

Rundle stone, from Mount Rundle near Canmore, Alberta, was incorporated into the design. Even the water in the area inspired design decisions, be it the fine streams that fork across the land or the colour of the water in the glacial lakes. If you have ever seen the water of Lake Louise, it is unforgettable and unequivocally a defining characteristic of the region.

Project facts

Size: 185,000 sq. m.
Cost: $1.6 Billion
Completed : October 2016
Collaborators: AECOM, Read Jones Christofferson, Transsolar
Builder : EllisDon
Client: Calgary Airport Authority

Achievements & Awards

Alberta Construction Magazine Top Projects - Commercial Over $50 M