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Air Waves

A national broadcasting centre gets a major rewrite, adding its expansion into the flow of a bustling city

Vancouver, British Columbia

News Cycle

CBC was able to continue broadcasting out of the facility while this major reconstruction project was being undertaken. It required careful collaboration between the design team, the contractor, the owner, and the CBC staff to come up with an affordable strategy that made both the redesign and continued broadcasting possible.

City Beat

The design response involved re-engaging the facility with its street edges and the entire city fabric. This was done in part by creating public entertainment, relaxation and outdoor broadcast areas over the underground portions of the block.

On-Air Personality

The studios themselves have been moved to the corner of Vancouver’s main downtown corridor, Georgia Street, where the production of news programs will now be visible from the street level.

Green Room

Sustainable initiatives undertaken as part of the project include, retention of majority of existing building in lieu of replacement., increased onsite density, maximizing daylight, lighting zoned and on dimmers with photocells in the newsroom to provide only the amount of artificial light needed, fritted glass, low-e coating on glass for reduction of heat gain and loss, and the use of low-VOC materials & coatings.

Project facts

Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Size: 31,000 sq. m.
Cost : $48.75 Million
Completed : 2010
Builder: Scott
Client: CBC Real Estate Division

Achievements & Awards

Vancouver Regional Construction Association Silver Award for General Contractor above $40 million