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Smash Hit

One of North America’s best badminton facilities

Edmonton, Alberta

The Club Blend

In 2012, The Derrick enlisted DIALOG to provide design services for the proposed additions and renovations to the Club. The expansion project included a badminton specific gymnasium, a new member entrance, pro shop, renovated existing gymnasium, and an expanded food and beverage space. This space is located on an upper floor that shares views into the badminton facility as well as a spectacular panoramic view towards the 18th green of the golf course.

Birdie Sanctuary

Designing a badminton specific gymnasium requires unique considerations specific to the sport. Paying attention to these details in the design and construction of this project resulted in one of the highest level of playing conditions North America has seen. The small shuttlecock is lightweight and easily masked by its surrounding, thus careful consideration was taken in the ceiling treatment and coordination of building services. By removing the visual clutter of mechanical services and creating a continuous wood tone across the ceiling, the birdie’s visibility is maximized during play. Similarly, light fixtures were minimized and strategically placed to provide optimal illumination while reducing glare. Along with a specific contrasting wall color, this created a continuous and ideal backdrop to the view the shuttlecock during play. The weight of the birdie became a factor when evaluating ventilation. While gymnasiums typically use overhead air distribution, in the case of badminton, the forced air from above overpowers a birdie and drives it off-course. The solution for The Derrick’s new indoor badminton courts was to use radiant floor heating and displacement air distribution around the perimeter. Designed in accordance with the recommendations of Sport England Design Guidance Notes, the new courts have earned the Derrick a reputation as one of North America’s best badminton facilities.

Project facts

Size: Upper floor addition 183 SQ M; Lower floor addition 938 SQ M
Cost: $6.2 M
Builder: Carlson Construction
Client: The Derrick Golf and Winter Club
Completed: September 2014