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City Within a City

Former city airport site takes off as intelligent example of downtown mixed-use development

Edmonton, Alberta

Is that a runway in the backyard?

Combined with the monumental landscapes of Edmonton, the location sets itself apart from the rest of the city. The site retains a unique connection to outdoor space, similar to current suburban situations but reinterpreted. This uses the power and local knowledge of large scale landworks to re-invent the art of placemaking in creating a unique urban landscape composed of parklands and waterways. A place for all people in all seasons.

Developing the local economy

The design focuses on many non- traditional approaches, including research to establish the viability of local job producing small businesses and light industry and investment on the site and region as a means of ensuring this critical element is inherent in the design.

Long-term approach to sustainability

The project seeks to create a uniquely Edmonton community, established on the ‘DNA’ of the local. The design incorporates green approaches to wastewater and energy, but more profoundly creates a fabric designed around people, their travel, their enjoyment, and their life.

Five neighbourhoods come together

The five neighbourhoods of Kingsway, Yellowhead, Runway, Central and NAIT form the urban core of the site, although each is different in character, the synergy and combination of the three will define the heart of the ECCA lands redevelopment. On a walk around the neighbourhoods one will encounter a rich urban tapestry, streets, squares and waterfronts, connected by a series of bridges and formed by a diversity of building forms and typologies.

Project facts

Completed : 2011
Client: City of Edmonton
Collaborators: Kees Christiaanse Architecture + Planning (KCAP), HB Lanarc, MIG, NelsonNygaard, PWL Partnership, Al-Terra Engineering