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Connective Tissue

The Edmonton Lab Hub will be a place for people: a workplace, a teaching and learning environment, and a research facility, centralizing medical laboratories in Northern Alberta.    

Edmonton, AB

Modern Science

Modern Science demonstrates the need to create social buildings that foster interaction and team-based research. Traditionally a silo profession, Lab Hub's design empowers staff to move in a natural, comfortable way throughout the building introducing opportunities to collide and collaborate. The design also promotes flexibility in configuration and accommodates future change.

Anatomical Design

Subtle design gestures of Lab Hub are inspired by human anatomy. Similar to how human skin naturally folds and bunches, the skin of the building softly ripples around the exterior.

Bringing the Outside In

There is a strong synergy between the building system and the natural system of Lab Hub. The natural system focuses on regenerative design, tying into the Parkland ecosystem and encouraging birds, bats and butterflies to the area. The design purposefully provides a visual connection to nature, and will offer outdoor gathering spaces.

Project facts

Size: 47,500 sqm
Cost: $590.3 M
Client: Alberta Health Services
Completion: 2022