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Opened in November 2016, the Edson Healthcare Centre(EHC) includes Emergency, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory, Surgical Suites, Inpatient Care Units, Ambulatory Care, Long Term Care, and a Physicians’ Clinic. It’s a true example of a design that materializes through a multidisciplinary team. Our holistic approach activated the team in a way that inspired us to build differently and to inspire hope.  

Edson, Alberta

For People by People

Healthcare is evolving. There’s been a dramatic shift away from an institutional model of care to one that stresses the wellbeing of the patients, staff and family. Working closely with the EHC’s staff, the design team quickly realized it was necessary and possible to create a space that would be supremely functional, be ergonomic for staff, and feel welcoming for the transient community in a way that has yet to be delivered in hospitals.

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Many healthcare facilities are a maze of hallways laced with “Authorized Personal Only” signs and nonsensical connections. Edson is a hospital you won’t get lost in. Our designers simplified navigation by easing way finding. EHC features a ‘Main St.’ corridor that is a step away from its main entrance. For example, Main St. branches off to continuing care, inpatient units, and emergency services so patients and visitors can easily identify and access where they need to be.

An Outside World

Set in the low-lying lands that stretch from the Rockies toward Edmonton, DIALOG designers set out to discover how to make The EHC a home away from home. Design inspiration was drawn from the healing offerings of the town’s surrounding environment. First, we brought the outside in by installing large windows that infused the space with an abundance of natural light. A two-story glass wall runs along the ‘Main Street’. It offers views of the forest, softening the space with a sense of peace. Waiting areas are set against these windows to bring visitors as close to nature as possible with the intention of offering a sense of calm. The elevator doors have floor to ceiling murals of nearby creeks, and the art (that’s strategically placed) depicts wildlife in a way that slows a viewer down, offering moments of reflection. Paying homage to the Rockies, the floor finishes look as if they’ve been sliced off a quarry rock. Together, these elements offer a pleasant hospital experience for patients, visitors and staff.

East end

At the east end of the site, with a possible link to the LTC, is a site reserved for future long term care or perhaps a Supportive Care facility.

Project facts

Size: 165,947 sq. ft. / 15,417 sq. m.
Cost: $198 Million
Completed: November 2016
Collaborators: MMM Group, ISL, RMC
Builder: Stuart Olson Dominion

Achievements & Awards

Consulting Engineers of Alberta - Award of Merit, Sustainable Design