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Country Air

Rural health centre connects patients to outdoors

Edson, Alberta

Key components

The new Edson Healthcare Centre includes Emergency, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory, Surgical Suite, Inpatient Care Units, Ambulatory Care, Long Term Care, and a Physicians' Clinic.

Main level

The main level of the two-level design contains diagnostic, treatment, ambulatory care components, and physician's clinic.

Lower level

The lower level includes Allied Health, Education Facilities, Food Services, Pharmacy, MDR, and a future Renal component. Administration, Support, and Building Services are located on the lower level under the IPU.

East end

At the east end of the site, with a possible link to the LTC, is a site reserved for future long term care or perhaps a Supportive Care facility.

Project facts

Size: 165,947 sq. ft. / 15,417 sq. m.
Cost: $198 Million
Completed: November 2016
Collaborators: MMM Group, ISL, RMC
Builder: Stuart Olson Dominion

Achievements & Awards

Consulting Engineers of Alberta - Award of Merit, Sustainable Design