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Size Matters

A small visitor centre has a big impact by wrapping a heritage site in a contemporary solution

Prescott, Ontario

Back to the Future

Through the integrated design process, the re-envisioned visitor centre reinvents the existing building, adding elements of sustainability, while leaving important historical features intact.

Power To The People

Centre provides regional economic stimuli, and an enhanced, more focused visitor experience, while putting community pride on display with multi-purpose rooms, exhibit spaces, and a War of 1812 era gunboat installation. Overall, there is a concentrated effort to engage community stakeholders and embrace local histories.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The total square footage of the visitor centre is now 6990 sq. ft., and the aesthetic impact to the community is comparable to that of housing a larger, costlier venue. The new addition to this historically relevant site (during the War of 1812, Prescott's location was of utmost importance to the Canadian and the British war efforts) allows for relocation and accommodation of a noteworthy early 1800s gunboat vessel. This relatively small project packs in design excellence, community pride and increased economic opportunities.

Project facts

Size: 680 sq. m./ 7,500 sq. ft.
Cost: $1.8 Million
Completed: 2012
Collaborators: Josselyn Engineering, DBA Engineering
Builder: RoJo Construction
Client: Parks Canada / Fort Wellington National Historic Site of Canada