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Blue is the new Black

Headwater Projects is located in the new MNP Tower – a next-generation office building juxtaposing vintage flare and contemporary elegance in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver, BC

Blue is the new Black

In the 1980s/90s, the colour blue was liberally used in typical corporate environments. As Headwater’s branding incorporates blue, we wanted to bring this back in a big, modern way to their new office in downtown Vancouver. When you first step out of the elevator you are drawn into the Headwater space by a super graphic reinforcing that blue is the new black!

Water, water everywhere

The definition of “headwater” evokes the notion of rushing water - a progression and momentum towards other sources. This was the foundation and starting point for the design concept and overall palette, which was inspired by the very distinct water droplets found in Headwater Projects’ logo. The droplets are used not only for colour but also as a way of denoting key moments throughout the space.  Birch plywood screens were created by cutting out the Headwater “water droplet” and adding colour behind, showing the progression of how water changes from a rich saturated blue to a light translucency as if going from deep to shallow water. These screens are used vertically and horizontally in the reception area and the boardroom.

A blend of new with old

Headwater’s head office is located in the new MNP Tower, which sits behind one of the greatest examples of Art Deco architecture in North America, the Marine Building. We wanted to pay tribute to this amazing heritage building. Upon entering the space you are greeted by a 20-foot sunlit graphic of the Marine Building from the 1900s; contrasting the new with the old. A similar pattern is developed by using vintage bus stop banners as the main form of artwork throughout the space.  Although the office is only 3,500 sq. ft., we oriented the space plan so all staff have access to windows, daylight, and the incredible views.

Project facts

Size: 3,500 sq. ft.
Client: Headwater Projects
Builder: Fusion Projects
Completed: September 2015