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Green with Envy

World leader in effective urban waste management

Edmonton, Alberta

Walk the talk

Kennedale Eco Station ‘walks the talk’ of Edmonton’s internationally renowned story of Waste Management and DIALOG’s commitment to improving the communities we live and work in. The project, led by DIALOG and Al-Terra Engineering, included the full development of 10.26 acres of land, including construction of an Eco Station Building, a Reuse Building, and two small Cash Kiosks. Together, through a strong interdisciplinary design approach, the project team was able to achieve LEED® Gold on a LEED® Silver budget (certification expected in 2016).


The greatest challenge was to plan the site in a way that would utilize its long rectangular shape. At the same time, the team had to find a solution to control the maximum rate of stormwater released from the site located in the Kennedale storm trunk basin. The plan consolidated the site and building design wherever possible, resulting in only 74% of the property needing to be developed, and the buildings covering less than 10% of the total site area.

Ebbs and flows

Approximately 25% of the site, including the buildings and the asphalt area east of the main building, drain directly to an on-site storm sewer through roof drains and catch basins. The remaining 75% of the site contains no underground storm sewer system. Instead, runoff is directed to a low-gradient, vegetated channel along the south perimeter of the site and into a naturalized stormwater wetland along the east boundary of the site. Stormwater runoff from the staff parking lot flows to a bioretention area along the north side of the parking lot. With the emphasis on stormwater conveyance and treatment, the overall site permeability was increased to approximately 35% from its previously estimated 5%.

In the loop

The geothermal system, which uses heat pumps, is approximately 1.5 times more efficient in cooling compared to conventional rooftop units. Because the mean ground temperature stays consistent year round, a ground heat transfer loop is installed to withdraw energy or reject energy back to the ground depending on the season. Rooms calling for heating can use the rejected energy from rooms requiring cooling, with high efficiency condensing boilers in place to supplement the system during peak heating times.

Project facts

Size (sq.m.): 2,460 sq.m.
Cost: $9 Million
Builder: Chandos
Collaborators: Al-Terra Engineering
Client: City of Edmonton
LEED: Targeting LEED Gold
Completed: March 2015

Achievements & Awards

CaGBC (Alberta Chapter) - Excellence in Green Building - New Construction

CaGBC Green Building Excellence Award - New Construction (Commercial)