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Student Counsel

Informed by students and teachers, this high school breaks with tradition

Edmonton, Alberta

Study Group

A collaborative design process brought together city planners, education planners, administrators, teachers and students to reflect the priorities of a diverse community.

Bright Spot

A light-filled gathering space at the main entrance joins the Academic Support Centre and the gymnasium to form the heart of the school. Light is in fact an important consideration throughout the entire building. High performance, energy efficient lighting systems provide comfort and increase productivity for staff and students. To reduce energy consumption, the lighting control strategy included the use of multi-level local low voltage switching and occupancy sensors.

Super Computing

The Learning Centre combines a traditional library with advanced information services, anticipating the evolving needs of a vibrant educational environment. Since the school is intended to provide state-of-the-art student learning, an extensive data and communications network was provided to complement the newest teaching technologies. LAN rooms were strategically located to provide wired and wireless data network access for staff and students.

Endless Opportunity

The roof, supported on branching columns, opens the Learning Centre to the sky while a glass wall connects the Centre to the adjacent gathering area and the landscape beyond.

Silver Star

Certified LEED® Silver, with a wealth of practical sustainable features that emphasize natural light, energy efficiency and environmental comfort.

Project facts

Size: 8,988 sq. m./ 96,746 sq. ft.
Cost : $23 Million
Completed: 2009
LEED Certified: Silver
Builder: Binder Construction
Client: Edmonton Public Schools