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Institution Evolution

MacEwan University plans for the future with help from DIALOG

Edmonton, AB

Back to the Future

MacEwan University enlisted the help of DIALOG’s planning team to draft a master plan for implementation and advancement of the university’s vision for future growth. The focus will be on developing and maintaining a thriving downtown community with open spaces, positive pedestrian experiences, and a dynamic streetscape. The Campus Master Plan is guided by the long-term vision that was established as part of the earlier Single Sustainable Campus Plan (SSCP). The Master Plan will provide effective land use and phased physical development and expansion, and will be used as a determination of the optimal size of the campus over the next 25 years. It will be a decision-making framework for MacEwan that will guide investment and growth, with a focus on the next 10 years.

Sharing a Vision

The success of MacEwan’s Master Plan will stem from the shared vision of MacEwan’s staff, students, and faculty, as well as DIALOG’s planning team. Ideas for an ideal Master Plan are gathered from workshops, interviews, and open houses. The University plans to bring more amenities and continue building a vibrant energy in Edmonton’s downtown core while maintaining a reputation as a first-rate post-secondary institution.

Strategy for Growth

Strategic objectives for the plan include a campus land-use and massing plan, a capital implementation plan, and development opportunities for expansion of the existing City Centre Campus. As well, two critical elements of the project involve the development of an engagement plan to solicit stakeholder opinions and input, and consultation with the Dean’s Council and the MacEwan Board of Governors over the course of the project.

Project facts

Services: Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture
Client: MacEwan University
Completion: 2018