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Hitting it

The Mark is a best in class residential tower on one of Vancouver’s most active urban corridors

Vancouver, British Columbia

Combination of 12 downtown lots

The 43-storey residential building is an amalgamation of 12 lots in the Yaletown area of Downtown Vancouver and serves as a gateway to the downtown core.


The adjacent bridge off-ramp strongly influences the lower level building articulation and finish materials. There is a strong desire to design a sustainable project that relies on the unique urban context to inform the development of the building. The materials used echo the language of the adjacent Granville Street Bridge architecture, insofar as to use graffiti ‘art’ on concrete walls to demarcate entry to the two-level base units.

Concrete walls and natural vegetation

Water elements, low concrete walls and natural vegetation are carried around the Pacific Street elevation to provide a similar relationship between the public, semi- private and private areas.


Included is a 37-space childcare facility. A stepped reflecting pool extends along the daycare area to physically and acoustically buffer the public and private spaces, and is intended to enhance the livability of the daycare and increase natural light levels during the winter months.

Project facts

Client: Onni Group of Companies
Cost: $175 Million
Size: 20,439 sq. m./ 220,000 sq. ft.
Completed: 2010