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On with the show

Experience the arts, intellectual debate, and community events. The Myer Horowitz Theatre serves as a venue for both the campus and the city as whole, bridging the divide between town and gown.

Edmonton, Alberta

State of the art

The technical and support systems in the Theatre will be up-to-date and allow for cost-effective, efficient, and competitive operation. This includes updating the audiovisual and multimedia capabilities of the Theatre so that modern presenter needs can be better addressed.

Out on the terrace

By expanding the lobby and adding a terrace, a wider variety of events can be hosted in the Theatre, and increase the number of events they host in a year.

Continuing the legacy

The Myer Horowitz Theatre has been a well-respected performing space for the campus and beyond for 50 years. This modernization allows the Students' Union to continue this legacy for many years to come.

The 'go-to' theatre on campus

Improving the patron experience includes better pre-show spaces (lobby improvements) and an improved show experience (better audiovisual capabilities and seating).

Project facts

Size: 1570 sq. m / 16790 sq. ft
Cost: $11 million
Client: University of Alberta Students' Union
Completion Date: 2018