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Theological college inspired by influential Cardinal and poet fosters spiritual connections

Edmonton, Alberta

Connections to St. Joseph Seminary

Newman Theological College joins St. Joseph Seminary to form a campus on a hill. The design of the College grew from the concept of community, both collegial and spiritual.

North-South axis

Collegial community is expressed by a north-south axis that begins at the bell tower of the Seminary and terminates at the Pastoral Centre, the offices of the Catholic Archdiocese. Framing the axis are the two largest spaces in the building, the gathering space and the double height library. Nestled within existing mature trees, the college is sited to respect and takes advantage of its picturesque location.

A large library

The largest space within the building is the library, a double height volume filled with diffused natural light provided by translucent and opaque panels of glass patterned to evoke stained glass.

A dedication

The college chapel, dedicated to the venerable John Henry Newman, represents the spiritual community. The design of the space is inspired by Newman’s famous poem “The Pillar of the Cloud”. The poem’s ideas are manifested architecturally through several elements including a column of light created by a skylight above the altar and fourteen pillars that line the perimeter of the chapel that mark the fourteen Stations of the Cross

Project facts

Size: 5,400 sq.m., 58,125 sq. ft.
Cost: $14.6 Million
Completed: 2010
Collaborators : ISL, Anthony Pasini
Builder: Dawson Wallace
Client: The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton