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Cold Comfort

A penguin habitat goes deep on green design to educate visitors on these engaging, ice-loving birds.

Calgary, Alberta

Deep Waters

The project consists of the Penguin Plunge, a year round penguin habitat with a 32,000-gallon indoor pool and a 9,200- gallon outdoor pool complete with islands, glacial formations and a waterfall, as well as a new café and gift shop that draw energy from the exhibit.

Comforts of Home

The partially buried structure that houses the penguins simulates Antarctic winter; its design contrasts with the open and day-lit gift and coffee shop.

Green All Over

Designed to LEED® Gold standards, environmental considerations influenced the site design, building massing, materials, systems for water and energy consumption, and construction methods.

Creative Recycling

Waste energy from the penguin habitat support systems is used to heat the gift shop, which is cooled using thermal radiant slabs and a cooling tower.

Dancing on Moonbeams

The lighting systems are designed to simulate natural moonlight and the colourful southern lights.

Project facts

Size : 29,062 sq. ft./ 2,700 sq. m.
Cost : $24.5 Million
Collaborators: The Portico Group, MWH Americas, EBA Engineering, RJC, MMM Group
LEED Registered: Gold
Completed: 2012
Client: Calgary Zoo