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Character Study

A plan to meld the old with the new in downtown Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Change Management

This is the first Heritage Conservation District study undertaken in a mixed-use area in the City of Toronto. As such, the study centres on the need to preserve the character of the district while allowing for managed change.

Local Interest

Present and future interests of residents, business owners and property owners were negotiated against the backdrop of cherished heritage buildings and streetscapes, through an extensive consultation process that included stakeholder interviews, workshops and public events.

Historical Notes

Queen Street West is well known for its several notable heritage buildings located alongside a range of more recent and less significant structures. Collectively, however, they constitute a unique character that forms the basis for the identity and legacy of the area.


The Heritage Conservation District Study included an inventory of all buildings in the study area, and also identified the valued characteristics that formed the basis for the creation of heritage guidelines.

Project facts

Completed: 2006