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Core Values

Blueprint for sustainable growth and urban living in Saskatchewan’s capital city proves it’s still hip to be square.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Centre Stage

The aim of the plan is to set the stage for quality urban living by enhancing the role of the downtown as the heart and soul of Regina by creating a clear sense of place through good urban design and city planning.

Big Ideas

Extensive public consultations and workshops helped gather input into the community’s vision and core principles to guide development.

Pedestrians First

A major emphasis of the plan is on creating an accessible, walkable downtown framed by residential neighbourhoods.

At Home in the City

The plan proposes to direct 25% of the city’s growth, or 5,000 new residents, to urban housing forms through 2025.

Public Realm

The plan transforms Victoria Park back into Victoria Square, re-introducing the traditional use and function of a vibrant and functional town square through a redesign of the streetscape and public realm and the built form which surrounds it.

Project facts

Completed : 2010