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A Company of Heroes

A vibrant and complex space that represents the explosive design process behind video game production.

Vancouver, BC


Relic’s new Vancouver HQ manifests the strategic secret sauce their company utilizes in developing their entertainment. ‘Path finding,’ the complex computer game making process is expressed throughout the space with a vibrant, dynamic ceiling form that wraps the building-core and guides occupants towards destination zones.

Pathfinding Simulation

The pathfinding simulation is comprised of destination-zones that act as metaphors for experiences one may encounter in a Relic game. For instance, the ‘community hub’ and reception area are composed of dark wood in angled, fragmented forms, that represent the scattering ash of an explosion. ‘Cerebral’ spaces along the journey are reprieves from the simulation. They are pure, clean and crisp and act as safe houses from the very social and active destination zones.

Story Space

The client’s goal was to have a design that helped people focus on work and, knowing the industry’s long work hours, to provide opportunities and spaces to re-focus, socialize and refresh. The design team responded with Relic’s story: upon entry, the guest is greeted with a 3-dimensional timeline that shares Relic’s past. The timeline wraps around the core and leads you into the reception waiting area where you are awed by the suspended sculpture above the reception desk. Hundreds of Relic's yellow toy soldiers are assembled in the shape of an R. The game-testing theatre space wears exploding acoustic panels on its walls, a metaphor for the many games the company has wowed the market with. Pin-up areas – where team members collaborate and ideate – were placed along social-hub areas. A stepped wooden bleacher system for tiered viewing offered more capacity. Inside the office’s speakeasy lounge is a water vapour fireplace providing visual warmth and comfort for the lounge users, and a reason for them to step away from their workstations and slow down the hectic pace of their work. Throughout the lounge and other social spaces, one will find graphic mantras on the walls that speak to the culture of the studio.

All's Well That Games Well

Making a video game is a whirlwind. The taxing industry can cause staff exhaustion and staff turnover. The executive team from Relic Entertainment agreed that they wanted a space that offered focus and refuel. Common areas varied from lounges to large community kitchens, theatres, break out spaces, open meeting areas and even craft spaces.

Project facts

Services: Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering
Client: Relic Entertainment
Size: 3, 994 sq m
Completion: October 2019