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Enriched Learning

The addition of W. J. Collett Elementary school represents the final component of the comprehensive campus vision for Rundle College. The design of the school explores the notion of creating meaningful and enduring community.  

Calgary, AB

Future Focused

The Rundle College W. J. Collett Elementary School is the realization of a vision for a comprehensive Rundle Campus for students of all ages in the city-edge community of Springbank Hill. Its mission is to build a nurturing, engaging environment that provides an enriched, personalized education that prepares students for an ever-changing world.

Mountain Views

The parti organizes the building along a north/south axis at the western edge of the site. This takes advantage of the natural slope of the site topography and optimizes important view opportunities to the mountains to the west.

Art for All

The street is articulated visually by an exposed concrete, two-storey wall, accompanying skylight and several art installation projects, which were conceived/facilitated by the design team. Public areas, in many instances, are defined by exposed ceilings which reveal building services. The use of colour, day-lighting, surface texture and volume is an over-arching strategy to create a visually rich learning environment that promotes curiosity, collaboration and innovation.

Form + Function

At the heart is the large library that doubles as a community multi-function space, a high school sized gym available for rental, and the great hall – a double height gathering space that spills out to the west into a meadow of natural grasses with a boardwalk and outdoor learning space.

Project facts

Client: Rundle College
Services: Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical
Size: 5,591 sq.m.
Completion: 2016