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Character Arc

When Sony Pictures Imageworks moved into its new Vancouver HQ, it needed a city space worthy of an incredible cast.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Planning a city block inside a building

Sony’s 74,000 sq ft headquarters spans an entire downtown city block. The space accommodates 700 employees- and is a community built on creativity. Given the size of the space and culture of the company, DIALOG was inspired to apply the fundamentals of progressive urban design to the layout of the office. The new HQ is organized by six neighbourhoods. These are populated with sophisticated, work and social spaces including brainstorming, meeting and game rooms. It's two crystalline open-air atriums act as central navigation, while a ‘ring road’ corridor link people to the ‘neighbourhoods’ within. This makes navigating through this enormous space much more intuitive.

The Sony story

The design embraces the history of Sony Pictures through a collection of artifacts, props, sketches and through elements of motion picture technology. A 60 f.t backdrop wall is lined with framed animations, characters and scenes sacred to Sony’s story. Taking advantage of its extensive warehouse of memorabilia in Los Angeles, DIALOG worked closely with Sony to appropriately display props synonymous with legendary films. “It’s not every day that you get to determine if it’s a good idea to display Dr. Octopus’s arms or not!” – said one of the DIALOG designers involved.

Good vs. evil

Sony artists need both light and dark to adequately perform their jobs. This need inspired a design theme that’s threaded through the space: the classic story-telling dichotomy of good vs. evil. Light and dark are expressed throughout by drawing upon plotlines, animations, and movies that feature heroes vs. villains. The ‘Light Side’ represents the ideas, conceptual work, and the dreaming that’s required for their creative environment. This side overlooks the Vancouver Art Gallery and the gardens of Robson Square. It also features whimsical moments of cinema and is designed for artists and teams that are not impacted by light sensitivity. The ‘Dark Side’ is orientated toward the city and peers straight down gritty Granville Street. It features imagery from “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Hotel Transylvania”. This environment is designed to ensure their craft is not impacted by light as they need to ensure that their work is of the highest possible colour quality.


In a word: future-proofing. The workspaces are designed as flexible canvases that allow the character of the current production to temporarily show-face.

Project facts

Size: 74,000 sq. ft./ 6,900 sq. m.
Builder: Fusion Projects
Client: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Completed: 2015