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Community building

In association with HFKS Architects (Prime Consultant) this building addition and upgrade is designed as a focal point for civic life and community activity in Strathcona County.

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Centre in the park

Strathcona Community Centre is part of a larger overall plan dubbed Centre in the Park. Despite a swelling sense of community pride in Sherwood Park, there wasn’t a central downtown where residents could gather, learn and celebrate. This intelligent plan addresses many central issues by combining municipal services, local government, residences, retail services and inviting public spaces. It links to amenities such as Broadmoor Lake Park, Festival Place, the trail system, businesses and schools. It is also designed to showcase sustainability and environmental innovation.

From council chambers to retail space

Included in the scope of this project are additions to City Hall, including a new Council Chamber, meeting rooms, offices for Mayor and Council and several departmental office areas; office space for Community and Family Services; retail and restaurant areas; a multi-purpose space for community events and programs; an art gallery, and a sequence of plazas for outdoor community activities. It is in close proximity to two high schools, and connects an arena complex, a leisure centre with a swimming pool, a large park, a golf course, and also links to the county’s Heritage Trail system.

Library expansion

The program includes a new library, which is two floors, 64,000 square feet (twice the size of former library), and includes space to park the Bookmobile, a library on wheels which serves rural Strathcona.

Green materials and approach

The centre is built with reclaimed and recyclable materials and is connected to the Community Energy Centre, which delivers heat to a number of buildings in the area from a central source. This reduces greenhouse gases by approximately 1,100 tonnes annually.

Building history

The new complex is attached to the existing Strathcona County Hall, a dramatic piece of civic architecture designed in the 1970s.

Project facts

Cost: $39.5 Million
Client: County of Strathcona
Collaborators : HFKS Architects (Prime Consultant)
Size: Approximately 360,000 sq. ft.
LEED Certified : Gold
Builder: Clark Builders