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An Orchid

A new era of residential design opens in San Diego, animating the streetscape with thoughtful moves that elevate the experience of both its inhabitants and the public realm.

San Diego, CA

Inside Out

The Park is a signature piece that converges the interior with the exterior. The building’s 62 luxury residences are delicately crafted with expansive interiors that unfold out onto vast balconies overlooking San Diego. Typically, residential towers are designed floor plan first, and exterior second. The design team, having examined the public realm, the culture of San Diegians, and the city’s pleasurable weather, turned their process upside down. The result are floor plans that encourage outside living through unprecedented spacious balconies. To draw home owners inside, designers opted for soft material finishes using volakas marble and walnut that work together to reflect warm light in the early mornings and evenings.

Energizing the Street

Concerned with personal security, many of the city’s residential buildings are closed off to the street. That inhibits connection between community members and mutes a neighborhood’s character. The goal of The Park is to support the awakening of the Banker’s Hill neighborhood. Its design does two things to achieve this: the indoor plaza provides internal circulation routes that promote connections between neighbors, creating an environment for community. The exterior of the building steps out and blends with the street and Balboa Park through park-facing townhouses. Retail spaces at the base of The Park create opportunities for outdoor patios that can support an activated community.

Luxury with Personality

The Park offers a model for densification for San Diego where home owners can still experience their traditional ideas of home ownership, yet live within a vibrant community that’s accessible to San Diego’s core. What the design has achieved is the look of a high-end hotel with the personality and character of a neighborhood.

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Client: Zephyr