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Going With The Flow

A plan that fills a void in Denver’s downtown core, converges people, alleviates stress on public transit and offers affordable housing.

Denver, CO

Denver is…

Attracting 40,000 people per year, and is projected to grow its population by 10 million in the next 20 years. Where are all those people going to fit? Where are they going to live, and how are they going to get around? The pressure is already causing traffic problems. As a response, Denver could do what a host of other North American cities have in times of booms; grow out to the suburbs. But why go out, if you can go up? Through engagement and research the team found that Millennials and Baby Boomers in Denver want the same thing out of their city. They want it to be walkable; they want it to be vibrating with culture, and they want easy access to work.

Filling the Doughnut

There's a logical space within the core of Denver for social and economical blossoming. At the gateway of the City is Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. Yes, Denver has an amusement park in its front yard. As peculiar as that move initially appeared to be, it turned out to be a stroke of good fortune. Because, in the two decades to follow, as the Denver economy began to heat up once again, with new sports venues and a burgeoning downtown scene, Elitch has served as a kind of protective dome, warding off opportunistic, piecemeal development of the property. And buying time… while apartments and condo projects proliferated up and down the river corridor, the Elitch property remained off limits maintaining a proverbial hole in the donut. But now, inevitably, all of that is changing, with one owner, this piece of land is able to be designed as an holistic community.

What's in a Mile?

This new urban district is the evolution of this booming city. It embodies the functions for smart growth through a magnetic destination that doesn't only draw and provide for the immediate community, but Denver at large. Using Vancouver's Olympic Village as one of its influences, and its engagement with Vancouver's False Creek Inlet, this plan brings the city to the River's edge in a way that Denver has yet to experience. The transformation of this stretch of the River Platte into a mile-long social catalyst will provide a new urban district with homes, restaurants, retail and entertainment offerings will open up to The River.

Project facts

Client: Revesco Properties
Design Partner: Shears Adkins Rockmore