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Farmers Market

Big business sophistication and family values meet to address the needs of dynamic industry association

Calgary, Alberta

A vision that respects the UFA's past and prepares it for the future

The corporate head office for this provincial co-operative is designed to appeal to the Bay Street business sector yet inviting and comfortable enough for co-operative member visits. While referencing the importance of its rich history, the project required a focus on its current diverse business interests and its placement in the future marketplace as a business leader. The translation of this vision, together with its brand, resulted in a design concept that represents and appeals to UFA’s diverse team and its guests.

Recreating the rural landscape

Special attention was given to the modeling of the space with the rising and falling of ceilings to create an open sky effect of the rural landscape. Thoughtful space planning fosters the feeling of expansiveness and extension in the open office area. Uninterrupted views from the core through to the exterior glazing with views beyond further reinforce an “affinity for the rural lifestyle” motto.

Key materials

Laminated glass whiteboards are detailed with barbed wire references. Wall panels of layered glass, metal and lacquered MDF depict aerial snapshots of the rural landscape. Glazing film with rural landscape imagery, emulating the rural lifestyle brand, creates visual privacy and light transparency. The color palette is derived from the rural landscape itself. Golds are reflective of the prairies. Blues and grays reference the sky. Orange/reds relate to the Client’s branding.

Environmental considerations

The design solution includes a modular wall system and integrated furnishings system that can be pulled apart and reconfigured in any number of combinations limiting the amount of residual walls and furnishings inventory. All engineering systems infrastructure are carefully planned to accommodate future changes with minimal sub-trade intervention. This unique design places the electrical and communications infrastructure within the ceiling plenum in such a manner to maximize opportunities for plug and play at the ceiling plane, similar to that offered in a raised floor solution. All finishes and building materials are sustainable and LEED™ compliant. The use of existing refurbished furnishings with new (all compatible with the universal kit of walls and furnishings parts) was mandated.

Project facts

Size: 11,148 sq. m./ 120,000 sq. ft.
Cost : $14 Million
Collaborators : Soundtex Interiors
Completed: 2009
Client: United Farmers of Alberta

Achievements & Awards

Honourable Mention, Interior Designers of Alberta