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Advanced Placement

The commitment to teaching, research and learning leaves a lasting impression on everybody who visits this advanced university facility.

Edmonton, Alberta

Mixing It Up

The building houses advanced research, lab and administrative space for Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Mining, Petroleum, Structural and Water Resources Engineering.

Getting Around

Organized both vertically and horizontally to facilitate interaction among a diverse set of users. Undergraduate instructional and laboratory areas are on both ground and atrium levels to provide easy access at grade and from the upper pedway system.

Open Air

The atrium provides much-needed gathering and student space, giving physical expression to the collaborative, interdisciplinary vision.

Technical Green

Incorporates sustainable design elements specific to research environments, including a high performance building envelope, glycol runaround heat recovery, and full building systems commissioning.

Ongoing Quest

The equations impressed on the building's exterior are incomplete and represent the ongoing quest for knowledge rather than one, completed final solution.

Project facts

Size: 34,000 sq. m./ 366,000 sq. ft. on seven storeys, with two additional below-grade levels.
Cost: $55 Million
Completed : 2004
Collaborators: Stantec, Hemisphere Engineering, Susan Owen Kagan, Ken Macklin
Builder : PCL/ Maxam joint
Client: University of Alberta