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Vital Signs

Advanced medical research and bedside best practice meet in a university facility that is part laboratory, part classroom, part hospital

Calgary, Alberta

Six institutes

The six institutes housed within the facility include Brain, Bone and Joint, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Child Health and Infection, Inflammation and Chronic Disease. Alongside these institutes are a number of smaller centres, specializing in academic, clinical and technological services. These centres include Health and Policy Studies, Advanced Medical Imaging, Telehealth and Telelearning, Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Nutrition and Clinical Trials.

Integrated health

The facility consists of two interrelated buildings, the HRIC Lab Block and the HRIC Teaching, Research and Wellness Building (TRW). The facilities are separated into two economical/ functional groups defined by the Laboratory Research Block and the Translational Research Wing.


The Laboratory Research Block houses a five storey research facility, anchored on each end by office and support space. Wet labs (chemistry, biology, etc.) occupy the majority of the research area, and each of the five floors is designed to accommodate full interstitial space between them, allowing for development and access to mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Lab to bedside

The Teaching Research and Wellness building is a seven-storey facility that houses patient care clinics, offices and dry labs and research components. The first five floors of the TRW will connect directly to the Lab building, and will facilitate the translation of research from laboratory benches to patient bedsides.


The program includes research laboratories, clinical trials, patient testing and investigative areas, animal resource centre expansion for transgenic facilities, a nuclear magnetic resonance facility, and associated office, support, and food service areas.

Project facts

Size: 56,000 sq. m./ 602,779 sq. ft.
Cost: $246 Million
Completed: 2011
Collaborators: AECOM
Builder: PCL
Client: University of Calgary

Achievements & Awards

D.E. Frost Award for Excellence in Lighting Design – Chinook Section, Illumination Engineering Society of North America